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Emma Wood

Building Control Project Manager




What does your role involve?


My role is to help and support our clients to ensure the projects they are developing are safe and comfortable for the people that will use them and the communities around them.


How long have you been in building control?


I have been in a dedicated building control role for seven months. I started in construction as a trainee building inspector in 2005 and have progressed my career since then and gained qualifications along the way, including chartered status with CIOB.

Describe your career before working in building control.

My dad always worked in construction and when I left college I wanted to get into architecture, but I’ve come to it in a roundabout fashion having previously been a riding instructor and selling mobile phones! 


What interests or excites you most about your job?


I really enjoy getting out on sites and working with contractors to get the best outcome. I also enjoy the fact that as construction methods are constantly changing and building regulations are regularly being updated, you are constantly learning.


What one piece of advice would you give to customers ahead of the next 12 months?


I think the Premier Guarantee extranet customer portal is a really helpful tool for uploading information for projects and certification. It enables us to find documents easily and faster in relation to updating design reviews to ensure we are up to date and keep projects on track.


What skills does a building control inspector need?


I think to be successful in building control you need excellent knowledge of the regulations as well as good communications skills. I really enjoy learning and I 
think you need to be constantly learning in this role.


What do you like most about the role?

Every day is different and what I like about the role is that you are faced with a new challenge every day. You are always learning and adapting and working to
provide solutions for clients. 


What kind of projects would you love to work on?


I would love to work on some commercial projects to gain more experience in this area. We also know that developers will be moving towards more carbon neutral  construction, and adapting to heating technologies beyond fossil fuels. That’s an exciting goal I’m looking forward to helping our clients achieve.





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