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Toolbox Talk: External Walls

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Duration: 1 hour


Maximum number of delegates: 16 


Instructor: David Eaton, Senior Technical Development Co-Ordinator





• Site Managers
• Bricklayers
• Foremen
• Anyone involved in brickwork

It is recommended that any attendees have a prior knowledge of construction.



Overview of the course


This course focuses on the common defects found in masonry construction, where they commonly appear, and how they can be avoided.

Delivered in-person by your Premier Guarantee trainer, learners will be equipped with knowledge on the common types of masonry construction, and will be able to recognise the main problematic areas during construction.



Particular focus is paid to:


• Cavity widths and trays
• Insulation problems
• Residual cavities, and why we need them
• Bonding
• Movement with different types of brick, like clay versus concrete
• Closing of cavities for fire safety.

Trainers will also guide attendees through the typical standards to be met when using masonry, and how to align those standards with the guidance in the Premier Guarantee Technical Manual, and the best practice that avoids defects, disputes, and claims.

This course is exclusively delivered in-person and on site.


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